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Wendy Ullery, Special Education and Mathematics


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I have worked at Windover since 2004.   Before teaching, I worked as a paraprofessional and substitute.  This is my fifth year teaching math.  I graduated from SVSU with my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary math education in 2011.  Since then, I have been working toward my Master’s in Special Education with an endorsement in emotional impairment.  I am currently teaching all the math courses and a special education resource room.

I went into teaching with the goal to reach students where they are and help them down their paths.  Math always came easy to me and I enjoy the beauty in solving problems.  I understand not all students share my passion; however, my hope is that students will be more accepting.   My goal is that students learn the processes and techniques of mathematics instead of memorizing steps and rules.  Beyond the curriculum, I hope to inspire students to acquire skills that will help them throughout their lives: problem solving, conflict resolution, confidence, communication, and so on.

I use an integrated approach to mathematics.  Truly integrated math shows the connections between the various math topics and between math and the world.

In the resource room, we will cover conflict resolution, organization, communication skills, goal setting, and other topics associated with the students’ IEPs.  The students will have time during the class to work on assignments from the general classes and make up work.

Windover is a unique place to be.  Students come to Windover from different backgrounds for different reasons.  The students are generally accepting of each other and the staff.  It is amazing to see how the students grow, change, and develop on the road to graduation.  Sometimes we have bad days, but every day is a fresh start for the students and the staff.  Every day is interesting and presents new opportunities for growth. In the few years I have been at Windover, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth.  The family atmosphere has led to many positive relationships that continue after students graduate.  Our students graduate, but they don’t really leave us.

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