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Sally Billotti



Sally Billotti

As the Reading Tutor at Windover High School, I have the opportunity to provide support to students who have experienced struggles with written text.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree from CMU and then worked with Special Education students in other states.  Upon moving back to Michigan, I spent the next decade as both a volunteer with various educational projects as well as part-time contractor in the Utica School District.   These years confirmed for me that many underachieving students are very capable, yet struggle in the classroom because they learn differently and require a different approach, different motivators, and/or different learning environment.

            Since the beginning of 2006, I have been tutoring students at Windover to help them overcome their reading deficits, initially as a volunteer.   I became a staff member in 2007 and was excited about the chance to help a greater number of students.

As a tutor, I am here to help those who have struggled with the reading process understand why they struggle and take the necessary steps for improvement.  The greatest achievement for the student is to change their outlook regarding reading, from one of avoidance, to one of interest, confidence, and/or enjoyment.  Upon request, I am available to meet or communicate with parents to address concerns regarding their student’s reading behaviors or needs.

I really love to be a part of giving students a fresh start at school success, as well as working with a great staff, people who dedicate themselves to orchestrating their teaching, their classroom environment, and their student interactions to create a better learning environment for learning.   The greatest reward is seeing the students in the community, soon, or years after their graduation, filling the role of successful, positive, creative, and contributing members of society.  It’s just “icing on the cake” when they come back to visit and share their stories and the positive things they gained because they attended and graduated from Windover High School.