WINDOVER | Jan Fowler

Jan Fowler

I’ve worked in the office at Windover High School for over 4 years, and like many of our staff I have a variety of duties.  I procure student records including special education files from their previous school.  I am responsible for creating student files, entry and completion of student information into the school’s student data system, as well as submitting information to the State of Michigan.  I input data for the State of Michigan immunization system and contact parents regarding their child’s shots and birth certificates as needed.

I also create course #’s and descriptions so students can be assigned their scheduled classes, and work with our principal, counselor and teachers to make sure credit for classes appear on their transcripts.  I complete all documentation for fall and spring count day and end of the year submissions to keep state records up-to-date and compliant, which also provides numbers for funding from the State of Michigan.

I track student attendance and submit it to our principal, enter student transcripts and make sure grades are submitted and show on their transcripts, and am part of the support staff for our principal, counselor, teachers, and students.  I also input other student data for internal use at Windover High School, exit students and send out student record requests, file, answer phones, and help students and parents who come into the office.

I enjoy working at Windover because it’s like family.  The staff supports one another and is dedicated.  Their focus is on students and how to help them succeed not only toward graduation, but beyond to help them become more productive hard working adults in the community.  Because of the extra care poured into students’ lives by our principal, counselor, teachers, and support staff, I’ve seen many who have never considered college possible, enrolling in college after graduation and making career decisions.   Being part of that and taking  opportunities to encourage students in that direction is very rewarding.